Speed up your sign in
For Single-User Accounts:
You can access your Rogers Hi-Speed Internet homepage quickly by checking the box under the username and password fields. The system will remember your username and password on this computer and automatically sign you in. If you sign out of the homepage, you will need to enter your username and password again.

Multi-User Accounts:
If this computer is shared by multiple users on the same account, you can activate the Multi-User Sign In feature to speed up the sign in for everyone. This feature creates a pre-filled drop-down box with a list of all usernames on the account. Primary account users and secondary account users can sign in quickly by selecting their username from the drop-down list. They will still need to type in their unique password.

To turn on this feature, the primary account user must sign in, go to the "My Account" section and check the "Show list of all usernames on the Sign In page for this computer" check box to activate the list of usernames. This list is activated only for the computer that's being used. You can remove the pre-filled list anytime once it is activated.

Please note: for the security of your account, the Multi-User Sign in feature is activated on this computer only. This feature is NOT recommended for publicly accessible computers (e.g. in libraries or internet cafes)